Use the code


We recommend installing the software in a virtual environment.

pip install -e .

Note that some dependencies require additional steps:

ISO codes

This site or product includes IP2Location™ ISO 3166-2 Subdivision Code which available from

The logic to interact with ISO information lies is found in object ISODB.

Generate ISO code db

To correctly add ISO 3166-2 subnational information, we may require to add additional entries to our existing source table.

Our current logic to create the ISO database can be found in script create_iso_db.

If you need to add new entries to the ISO database, modify the aforementioned file and run it.

$ python scripts/

Load available ISO codes

To check the currently available ISO information use the following code.

>>> from covid_updater.iso import load_iso
>>> df = load_iso()
>>> df.head()
  location_iso     subdivision_name region_iso
0           AD              Canillo      AD-02
1           AD               Encamp      AD-03
2           AD           La Massana      AD-04
3           AD               Ordino      AD-05
4           AD  Sant Julia de Loria      AD-06


If you found new country data available, consider implementing the corresponding scraper. Find instructions and a tutorial in notebook add-new-scraper.ipynb.